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Jade McKenna: Raised by a drug kingpin, you would think that I would be intimately familiar with chaos but the roles in my life were flipped after my father’s death. Boarding school, owning businesses, and mingling with the social elite became my norm.


Until one day, the chaos returned.


Severe, a biker-assassin, showed up out of the blue and snatched me, told me I was coming with him until…Until what? I ended up at Ground Zero, his motorcycle club compound, and had no choice but to figure out how to live among a group of legendary death dealers, biding my time until I could escape or until death. My choices were dismal, but I learned that there were worse things than death, and it’s been lurking over my shoulders my whole life.Warning: This book contains graphic violence, explicit sexual content, and is intended for adults. This book contains dark themes and may be triggering to some readers. Please be advised.

Warning: This book contains violence, explicit language, and sexual content, and is intended for adults. If you don't enjoy paranormal, supernatural, or urban fantasy books, this may not be the book for you.

Severe - Autographed Copy

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