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Savage Bloodline Series


Primo DeLuca - Savage Bloodline Series (18+ Multicultural Romance) 

Nevah: A night out with my girlfriends flipped my boring life on its head, and I ended up in the hands of a sexy mob boss who was the living manifestation of danger. The only fix to the problem I stepped into left me anchored to Primo DeLuca, who declared we were in a relationship before he even knew my name.

Primo: The last thing you’re supposed to do when murder and mayhem are nipping at your back, is take on a relationship. But I’d never been one to take the easy way out of a situation. With bullets flying, bodies dropping, and murderous schemes unfolding all around us, I was ready to torment the devil and run hell before I let anyone take Nevah away from me.

Note: This is the Author’s cut of Primo DeLuca, from the Bestselling Savage Bloodline Mafia Anthology. Additional scenes have been added for your reading pleasure.

Warning: This book is an interracial romance that contains explicit language, graphic violence, and strong sexual content. It is intended for adults. If you are easily triggered by dark themes, blood, gore, and violence, this is not the book for you.

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Brizio DeLuca - Savage Bloodline Series (18+ Multicultural Romance) 

Maya: I couldn’t leave well enough alone. My obsession with finding out what happened to my brother landed me in the hands of Brizio DeLuca. His offer to help me came with rules that set me on a path lined with torture, death, and destruction.

Brizio: I was minding my business and working on becoming a better man. And here she comes. Maya waltzed into my club and brought with her a mountain of trouble, the kind of trouble that whispered sweet nothings to my dark side.

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