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 Twisted Minds Series August Knights Motorcycle Club 


Twisted Minds - Book #1 (18+ BWWM Romance) 

Megan: How in the hell did I end up here on a heavily-wooded road in the middle of a racist county, all alone with nothing but my twisted mind for protection? After convincing the August Knights Motorcycle Club to allow me to work off a debt my sister owed them, I found myself in the middle of madness and mayhem. I should’ve known that this was what life inside this dangerous club would be like, right?

Aaron: How the hell did I end up here? I was face to face and chest to chest with the one woman I was forbidden to touch.
Strange, sexy, inexplicitly delicious, and just downright twisted events started to unfold when I meet Megan. I can't figure her out, but there is one thing she can't hide- her attraction to me. When Megan wiggles her way into my life, I discover that her quiet, good-girl persona is a cloak she uses to hide the twisted mind she harbors. A mind just as bent as mine.


These books are interracial romance that contains strong violence and sexual content and is intended for open-minded adults. These books are fiction, entertainment, not a documentary. If you are easily offended or squeamish about harsh or demeaning language, murder, and violence, these are not the books for you.


Twisted Hearts - Book #2 (18+ BWWM Romance) 

Megan: How in the hell did he do it? Aaron had messed with my mind and twisted up my heart, but my body had never been so splendidly ravaged.

Stepping away from the August Knights Motor Cycle Club was easy, but leaving Aaron was killing me. Was it crazy for me to want to subject myself to the madness that the group stood for, just because I couldn’t shake Aaron’s hold on me? But, I couldn’t go back. I had to consider his safety. I couldn’t allow my twisted past to go crashing into the turbulent life he led.


Aaron: How in the hell did she do it? Megan had cracked my chest open and filled it with crippling emotions that I couldn’t shake.

Letting Megan go wasn’t easy. Was it crazy of me to want to go chasing her, after we’d agreed that it was time to let go? Megan had secrets, deep dark ones from what I could tell. My aim was to figure them out, but I’d gotten distracted. I had to find her, and when I did, she was going to tell me what she was hiding in that twisted mind of hers—or else.


Twisted Secrets - Book #3 (18+ BWWM Romance) 

Megan: Have you ever fallen so deeply for someone that you'd be willing to do anything for them? I was willing to do anything for Aaron including leaving him if it meant keeping him from getting tangled up in my past. Aaron wasn't going to let me run, even if there was an army after me, he'd gather arms and prepare for a war.

Aaron: Letting Megan go wasn't an option. She'd become a part of me that I couldn't live without. Some of the horrifying secrets from her past had been revealed, but I believed Megan's final secret had the power to rain down hell-fire on my MC, and I'd been right. When my father went behind my back and called my cousin Ansel for back-up, I knew that all hell was about to break loose, and I ended up preparing to fight an adversary so dangerous, my life teetered on the brink of extinction.


Twisted Obsession - Book #4 (18+ BWWM Romance) 


Ansel: My cousin, Aaron helped to rescue a damsel in distress from her cartel family, and of all people, he left her under my protection. Regina didn’t know it, but I’d claimed every part of her the day I’d set eyes on her. When a faction showed up and made the fatal mistake of touching her, they had no idea they were unleashing a monster willing to destroy hell and set fire to the high waters to protect her.


Regina: How could I not fall for a man who was the walking definition of sexy and was willing to risk his life to protect mine? I’d agreed to be his submissive in a lifestyle I didn’t understand and ended up uncovering a few of my own hidden desires. Our relationship defied logic, but I believed that Ansel would bring the fires of hell down on anyone that attempted to touch me.



Twisted Revelations - Book #5 (18+ BWWM Romance) 

Beverly: For years, Laura and I sat helplessly on the sidelines while our best friend Megan ran from a deadly cartel. When Megan went radio silent, and strange men came creeping out of the darkness, we feared that we’d landed in the cartel’s crosshairs. Our fears were answered when Laura was taken. Unable to depend on the law, desperation led me to reach out to a few unconventional sources for help.

Was it wrong of me to allow my mind to cross over my fears and linger on one of the men who’d agreed to help us?

Laura: Taken. They took the wrong one. Either they were going to let me go, or I’d make them kill me. Beverly’s call for help produced two mercenaries, so adept at killing that I wasn’t sure if we should’ve been running from them or the cartel that was chasing us.

How were we supposed to know that the men protecting us knew how to stoke the fires of hell and use the flames to burn it to oblivion?

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