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Cover Reveal

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Check out my newest book cover. I'd like to send an extra special thank you to my Readers' Group, who helped me pick the cover. I'm loving the final results. I hope to have the book finished by Mid-September or earlier.

You are not ready for Chase and Jax. These two here…SMH. These characters are going to get smacked up, flipped, and rubbed down and some things best not said in this post.

The book is currently being edited. It’s taking much longer than I expected, but I won't rush the process. My newsletter members will get the first sneak peek at an unedited excerpt. Soon after, I’ll post the excerpt here on the site as a blog post.

Extra reveal about this book: I wrote Roots of the Wicked before I wrote the Twisted series. I didn’t have a title for it back then, but the rough draft has sat patiently waiting on my desktop since March 2017.

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