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The Blind Date with a Book is a must-have for literature enthusiasts looking to add some excitement to their reading experience.

·  Author: Keta Kendric

·  Cover Types: Soft and Hard Covers

  • You pick the genre and this author chooses your blind date from her catalogue of books. The blind date will come beautifully wrapped and autographed with some swag. You can also pick unsigned books written by various bestselling authors.
  • Blind Date with a Book is meant to be a fun experience. It is not for readers who are bargain-book-shopping or afraid to read outside their comfort zone.
  • Genres that come autographed by the author: Dark Mafia Romance, Dark Motorcycle Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, and Novella Surprise. Hardcover blind dates, blind date book bundles, and other genres are also available.
  • Opening your package and receiving the surprise is a part of the fun! You never know what you’re going to get with this blind date with a book. Will it be a Dark Mafia romance with hot crime bosses, a Dark Motorcycle Club Romance with dirty-talking bikers, a Paranormal Romance with supernatural heroes, or a Contemporary Romance with laugh-out-loud commentary.
  • Author Keta Kendric is multi-genre, USA Today Bestselling Author of multicultural and interrcial romances and is known for making readers fall hard for her morally grey characters.
  • To avoid duplicates, please note if you have already ordered from this author.
  • Please don't order a Dark Romance book if you're afraid of the dark. Please don't order a Novella and expect a full-lenght book (all books $10.99 or below will be novellas or pocket-sized books.) Please don't order a Novella Surprise or a Complete Surprise and then leave a note requesting a specific genre. The catagory is not a substitute for genres that may be out-of-stock.
  • While this author will strive to make every experience perfect, she does make mistakes, so please contact her if you have any issues with your order.
  • Thank you and Happy Reading!


Blind Date with a Book (Contemporary/Signed)

SKU: 001


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