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Patrena: After losing my mother to a violent death when I was five years old, I was left with a mountain of secrets so well-hidden that I didn’t even have enough clues to solve the mystery of my own history. When sparks from my hidden past suddenly ignited enough chaos to burn down my life, I discovered that the people I was trained to fight may very well be the only ones capable of saving me.

Tywin Vallin was the kind of tempting trouble that tested your will-power. Was I willing to go against the rules I was taught for a man whose family name was akin to a walking death sentence?

Tywin: ‘Terror.’ That’s the name my cousins had chosen for me. I was known for being the calm and sensible Vallin, the one that lurked in the shadows and humbly obliged when called to action. My life depended on following our syndicate’s rules like scripture from the bible, but when those guidelines threatened my lady, I was set to slam the door on the rules, hard enough for the sound to echo on the moon.

I knew Patrena Davis was the lady for me the first moment I saw her. When deadly forces attempted to harm her, they would find out that I’m the ice that will freeze hell over.

Note: This book flows along the timelines of Beautiful Chaos Book #1 and Quiet Chaos Book #2. It is highly suggested that you read the first two Chaos books before this one.

Hidden Chaos Book #3 - Autographed Copy

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