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Jax Saint-Pierre is dedicated to building the success of her business and living life the way she mapped it. That is, until driven and charismatic Chase Taylorson stands firmly in her path with his arrogant charm. He was the first man to make her consider changing her strict no-relationship rule, but with her wicked past, she keeps him at a distance for his own good.

Chase Taylorson is the head of a billion-dollar empire. All it takes is one chance encounter with Jax Saint-Pierre to blow up his well-organized world. Independent and feisty, she demands he check his ego at the door, forget his entitled ways, and bury his coveted bachelor status in the sand. Jax assumed he had the perfect life, but will soon come to realize, even the privileged are tethered to wicked roots.

This book is an interracial romance that contains explicit language, strong sexual content, and triggers that may be offensive to some readers. If you are easily offended or triggered this may not be the book for you.

Despite the title of this book, it is not dark romance. Although it contains hard subject matter, this book is not this author’s usual book where bodies are dropping, and blood is spilling. Like Sankofa, this book is more about the journey of two individuals who have to glance into their pasts in order to see a way to their future. This book does contain a lot of explicit sex and drama though.

Roots of the Wicked - Autographed Copy

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