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Sori "Smoke" Knight and Mycale Thomas Phillips "Fire" are known for being deadly, sometimes lovable, and emotionally dysfunctional. Despite their flaws, they somehow manage to keep fighting for the good guys. Will their outlook on life change when they become partners on a case that will force them to unleash the beasts they keep hidden deep within? Their behavior in the face of death has them wondering, What are we? Are we destined to become heroes or villains?

Note: This book is a Re-Release from the version originally published in 2014. Additional action and romance was added to enhance your reading pleasure along with a short story at the end, Sparks, the prequel to Smoke. You can also sign up for my paranormal newsletter for an additional short story.

Warning: This book contains violence, explicit language, sexual content, and is intended for adults. If you don't enjoy paranormal, supernatural, or urban fantasy books, this may not be the book for you.

Smoke - Autographed Copy

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