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Ansel: My cousin, Aaron, helped rescue a damsel in distress from her cartel family, and of all people, he left her under my protection. Regina didn’t know it, but I claimed her the day I set eyes on her. When a faction showed up and made the fatal mistake of touching her, they had no idea their actions forced me to unleash a monster willing to destroy hell and set fire to the high waters to protect her.

Regina: How could I not fall for a man who was the walking definition of sexy and was willing to risk his life to protect mine? I agreed to be his submissive in a lifestyle I didn’t understand and ended up uncovering my own hidden desires. Our relationship defied logic, but I believed Ansel would bring the fires of hell down on anyone who attempted to put their hands on me.

Warning: This book is a multicultural romance that contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adults. If you are easily triggered by morally grey characters, explicit language and graphic violence, this is not the book for you. Please be advised.

Twisted Obsession #4 - Autographed Paperback

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