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Beverly: For years, Laura and I sat helplessly on the sidelines while our best friend Megan ran from a deadly cartel. When Megan went radio silent, and strange men came creeping out of the darkness, we believed we were in the cartel’s crosshairs. Unable to depend on the law when Laura is taken, desperation leads me to reach out to an unconventional source for help.

Laura: Taken. They took the wrong one. Either they were going to let me go, or I’d make them kill me. Beverly’s call for help summoned two mercenaries so adept at killing I wasn’t sure if we should run from them or the cartel chasing us.
How were we supposed to know the men coming to protect us knew how to stoke the fires of hell and use the flames to burn it to oblivion?

Warning: This book is a multicultural romance that contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adults. If you are easily triggered by morally grey characters, explicit language and graphic violence, this is not the book for you. Please be advised.

Note: This book follows the timelines of Twisted Secrets Book #3 and Twisted Obsession Book #4. Although I believe this book can be read as a standalone, it is highly suggested you read the series in order for surprising plot twists and for historical context of the main characters.

Twisted Revelations #5 - Autographed Paperback

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