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Megan: Have you ever fallen so deeply for someone that you’d be willing to do anything for them? I was willing to do anything for Aaron including leaving him if it meant keeping him from getting tangled up in my past. Aaron wasn’t going to let me run. Even if there was an army after me, he would gather arms and prepare for a war.

Aaron: Letting Megan go wasn’t an option. She was a part of me that I couldn’t live without. Horrific secrets from her past were revealed, but I believed Megan’s final secret had the power to rain down hellfire on my MC. When my father went behind my back and called my cousin Ansel for back-up, I knew that all hell was about to break loose, and I ended up preparing to fight an adversary so dangerous, my life teetered on the brink of extinction.

Warning: This book is a multicultural romance that contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adults. If you are easily triggered by morally grey characters, explicit language and graphic violence, this is not the book for you. Please be advised.

Twisted Secret #3 - Autographed Paperback

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